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How to Start a Side Hustle in the Rental Car Business.

The ebook is everything it says it is & more! How to start a turo business. The ins and outs when it comes to turo and the rental car business side hustle or full time hustle, depending on your market.


What you will learn

What you will learn concerning Turo is how to acquire vehicles and maximize profit on each vehicle. There are many steps in achieving success utilizing the Turo platform and private rentals. For example, you will need to consider the photos of your vehicle, listing description, and optimal price point during certain times of the week or month. You also want to know when to give discounts and when not to, when to allow unlimited mileage, and which vehicles it’s best to offer it on.


How to start a side hustle in the rental car business

I have encountered many trials and errors in my efforts of picking the best vehicles and renting them

out. I’ll make every attempt to share with you all my knowledge in this space.


Acquiring Multiple Vehicles

Best cars for TURO

Best color for TURO

The TURO Game

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