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Ready to Start a new business journey? We have all been in the position where we want to start something but just need guidance to get to the goal faster! Work with someone who can provide you with an actionable game plan. No matter if you’re just getting started with your business, or decades in and need to know which steps to take to reach your goals, coaching can help with gain clarity, confidence and an actionable game plan to reach your business goals!


What is a
Business Coach

At it’s most basic, business coaching allows you to get help with challenges you’re currently facing as a business owner and get clarity, solutions and tactics that you can begin implementing immediately, all with the guidance (and accountability!) of someone who has helped hundreds of business owners and knows what works, what doesn’t and what’s worth investing your time and money in.

Payment Method

How Does it Work?

The Coaching plans can be used over a 12 month period.

 1 on 1 coaching sessions are live on zoom and recorded. All replays are emailed to you.

Each coaching session Each session runs for 90-minutes.

Follow-up documentation (with tips, worksheets and written guidance) are emailed.

Coaching Packages


When to use a Coach

  • Develop raw talent with a specific new skill

  • Enhance the experienced professional with a new or refreshed skill

  • Help individuals who are not meeting expectations or goals

  • Assist leaders in coping with large-scale change through a merger or acquisition.

  • Managing new “blended” work teams and adapting to the merging of company cultures

  • Prepare a professional for advancement in the organization

  • Improve behavior in a short period of time, like coaching an executive to address the media on a specific topic

  • Work one-on-one with leaders who prefer working with a coach rather than attending “public” training programs

Business Meeting


Nicole Scott works with business owners (large and small) across the US who may feel stuck or unsure of which steps to take next to grow their business. Our clients include: credit repair business owners, real estate, content creators, coaches, Consultants, Bloggers and Service based companies. All of the business owners we work with are passionate about living a life they enjoy and running a business that brings meaning and purpose to them and their clients and customers.


Our coaching sessions are with Nicole Scott, founder of Bay Area WAV Inc DBA Nicole has almost 20 years’ experience working in business operations and management. She graduated from Silicon Valley University with a focus in business management and graphic design. Her wealth of experience across business, credit, branding  and marketing means you’ll finish the sessions knowing exactly which areas to focus on to grow your business and, just as important, which to eliminate.


You will be contacted by email (check spam folder) (Availability is based on a schedule of M-F 9-5PM PST) by a member of our team with a calendar link for you to book your coaching sessions.

Please Note: This is business coaching and is highly practical with tactics and strategies to implement immediately to launch or grow your business. It is not life coaching. We do not give legal advise or professional counseling, we provide information and education based on experience.

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