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The ebook has 200+ pages in total reviewing how to deal with student loans on your credit report. 


This lesson is going to cover student loans all the way around. 


Student loan debt is a major burden for millions of adults in the US. At this time

there is 2 trillion dollars in student loan debt with an average of over $ 37,000 per student.

Student loans are installment loans. You pay a specified amount for a certain

time period. The lender reports this to credit bureaus, and you begin to

establish a track record.

Student loans affect your credit in much the same way other loans do, if you pay

as agreed, it’s great f or y our credit; if you pay late or go into default, it could

severely damage your credit and score.

There are two types of student loans, private and federally subsidized student


If you’re late on a private student loan, and you're late paying beyond 30 day

you’ll be reported as late - however; federal loans won't report you as late

unless you're over 90 days delinquent.


Send the Credit Bureaus PROOF the information reported is inaccurate / wrong /

incorrect / false information / fraudulent data / etc.

PROOF can be as simple as a screen shot of your 3B credit reports from

SmartCredit showing & proving the errors being reported between Equifax,

Experian and Transunion.


Send your dispute Letter PLUS PROOF being.....

Student Loan Removal Ebook | How to Remove Student Loans

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