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In this DIY credit repair ebook you will learn credit score is the single most important financial tool you have in your life. Your credit score determines multiple factors in your life like what you are allowed to buy, and at what interest rate, it is time to take full control. Repairing credit is not a quick fix. Did you ruin your credit in just one day?


During this time it is important to remember that repairing your credit is not a quick fix. The key to repairing your credit is patience, persistence, organization, and the most important key is action. Organization is the key to your success Credit Bureaus, debt collectors, and creditors are very unorganized and notorious at keeping inaccurate, incomplete, and unverifiable records. With that being said, the most important thing to know when you are repairing your credit is that you are dealing with large unorganized companies.


An advantage you have over these companies is the ability to stay organized.

Your goal is to be persistent with these companies in order to get the results your looking for.

Tips on How to Keep Organized

• Keep reminders on your phone/calendar for important dates. (EX. Certified mail dates, when

you sent of letter dates, 31 day response cutoff dates, dates on who got what, who replied

or didn’t, etc.)

• Dispute letter files + Add date

When you let the credit bureaus, collection agencies, and collectors know they have broke the law they can either remove the derogatory credit they are reporting, or pay damages - or both.

By the end of this workshop, banks, credit bureaus, and collections agencies will find it much easier to simply remove the negative item off your report than fight you.



The purpose of this workshop is to educate you on how to repair/improve your own credit. This is not a get out of jail free card! Please do not make false claims or apply for credit card or loans you can not pay back, simply because you can dispute the item. Equally important, just because an item is removed from your report, the company may still want you to pay the amount you owe back. Remember, You want to keep good relationships with the companies who are letting you use their services.


We will review your CREDIT SCORE

Credit Score VS FICO Score

Based on the information on the credit report the data is calculated into a credit score.

A credit score is a 3-digit number that lenders use to evaluate how safe or risky you are as a customer.

What makes up a credit score?

Payment History

All on-time and late payments and public records. Each line of credit has a scheduled payment date where you

can pay full, partial, or the minimum payment.

Try to pay your debt in full every month before your scheduled statement date.

DIY Credit Repair Ebook + Dispute Letter Kit | How to Repair Credit Like the Pro

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