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This ebook will guide you to building business credit. 


I have created a link tree (list) located at:


• Follow each and every step, Don't skip ahead!

• Contact your coach Nicole if you have any questions!




I've personally spent over $15,000 learning and executing on the information in this training.

SIMILAR PROGRAMS COST WELL OVER $4,000+ $2K + 10% "Success Fee" On all funds acquired. $4,000 DIY Funding program. or 9% "Success Fee"


DIY Business Credit Builder With NO Cash Credit Cards just net 30 accounts, $3,000 with other packages at $6,500 with Credit Suite.


With my Business Credit coaching you can get funding in the most efficient, affordable and quickest way without having to read 100 page guides and watch Hours of videos.


NONE of these programs teach you the funding process and usually end up doing it for you at the end to hide these industry secrets so they can continue to charge THOUSANDS of dollars in "Success Fees".


You'll learn exactly how to fund a business from scratch so you can repeat the process whenever you want and not have to pay $5k - $15k in funding fees every round of funding.

I've neatly organized the entire process to streamline the process for you.


We will go over Business Funding. This process takes typically 60 - 90 days HOWEVER, it can be done in as fast as 7 days with a good personal credit profile and 45 days when building a PAYDEX Score. It may take 120 days depending on processing times.


Building the first 3 Tradelines will establish an 80 PAYDEX and alongside at least one tradeline reporting at $10k+ Can increase the funding limits and approvals but isn't necessary.

If you follow Each and Every Step you will receive funding!


can guarantee this process works, it worked for me and my clients. What I can't guarantee is that YOU will do the work.


In Business Credit there are two types of business credit, No Personal Guarantee and Personal Guarantee.


Personal Guarantee means using your personal credit or a business partners personal credit to qualify and guarantee the debt in case of default.


If you choose to not Personal Guarantee business credit, you'll be stuck with retail cards, net 30 vendors and store cards.

There is ONE Credit Card that is No PG and that’s the Sam's Club Master card which is 26% interest and while it can be used outside of Sam's is pretty useless in my opinion at that interest rate.


PERSONAL CREDIT is the BRIDGE to REAL BUSINESS CREDIT. These business Credit Cards don't report to your personal credit profile (Other Than Capital One and Discover, avoid them.) but will if you default.

Business Credit Ebook | Step by Step Guide to Building Business Credit

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