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If you are looking to repair your own credit or learn how to become the ultimate credit disputer this is a great ebook to help you understand how to dispute like the pros. 


Knowing the Difference between the Debt Validation Letter VS Debt Verification letter if you are reading this and are unclear of the difference between the two types of letters and their uses or don’t yet feel comfortable explaining the difference between the two, don’t feel alone. Many Credit Repair Business Owners often get confused with the terms debt verification and debt validation. They think that this is just a simple confusion that will not affect the status of the client’s file if they dispute either or, but not understanding the difference between the two could
end up costing your client big time. In a court of law, it could be the difference between winning and losing a case.
Whether I’m answering questions in online groups, mentoring CR business owners, or training CR staff on credit basics
and the dispute process, the most frequently asked question and most commonly confused credit terminology I run
across is the difference between Verification and Validation. 


Debt Verification
According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, each consumer is entitled to validate his or her collection debts.
However, it does not include a clear definition as to what constitutes a legitimate debt validation.
In lieu of this ruling, a consumer has the ability to send a letter to his creditor or collectors, requesting the confirmation
of information reflecting his penalized account. This letter is referred to as a Debt Verification letter, wherein details
included for verification usually include a debtor’s name and address.

Having a Debt Verification letter alone is not sufficient to stop debt collection. Thecollector can still abide by FDCPA laws and continue collection activity and taking advantage of individuals who attempt to use the credit reporting system without understanding it thoroughly.

Advanced Disputing | Learn How to Dispute Like the Pros

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