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Credit Repair Results | How to Delete Collections & Charge offs from Credit Report

This news was just too good not to share with you. My goal is to always provide value, therefore I wanted to share some recent success from one of my clients within the 1st month of service.

We approach credit repair different. We are not your average company looking to keep you on autopay for years.

The secret to success when is comes to disputing negative items is:

1. Dispute with data furnisher / creditor reporting the information


2. Dispute with the credit bureau, so we are attacking negative items from both ends!

We dispute all negative items effecting your credit report EVERY MONTH including:

  • Personal info (Too many names or address variations could make you seem unstable)

  • Credit inquiries (More than 4 inquires can be the reason you are getting declined)

  • Collections / Charge Off (Derogatory accounts will prevent you from a desirable credit score)

  • Repossession (Can prevent you from getting your dream auto, Building a Turo business, etc)

  • Bankruptcy (Pursuant to 15 U.S. code 1681b (2). A consumer reporting agency may only furnish a consumer report with the written instructions of the consumer to who it relates. SO DID YOU GIVE CONSENT for them to invade on your privacy?

  • Student Loan Rehab Assistance

  • And More!

No matter what is needed it is included for the low same price.

Many other companies offer this same service and call it a "CREDIT SWEEP" and charge you a one time fee of $2,500+

$2,500+ for the same service, ONLY they got some great marketing tactics! 😂

They always make it sound like something you simply can't afford to miss & will never find this deal again if you don't purchase TODAY! So, you managed to make it happen and now here you are having to pay someone else yet again! 😩

Sound familiar?😏

I know the feeling, I have been there before! Spending the little money I had on a $900 tradeline that never posted and the person promised my money back and I never heard from her again. Yup, I have been scammed before! So I get it, But this is the reason why I provide the service I do.

I guarantee my tradelines to post!

I guarantee we will do the work you are trusting us to do.

Great News for you! Our price is only $299 to get started and then $99 monthly for additional rounds needed.

We just need your credit report login credentials to get you started. We will need your credit reports. We use 3 Bureau credit reports from Smart Credit (CLICK HERE TO GET SMART CREDIT) or Identity IQ, if you have an existing account.

1. Email me your Credit Report Login Credentials

2. We Send you a FREE credit analysis via email

3. We Set up your account up on our secure site (Access HERE).

4. We email you a request to complete your billing information.

5. You will be able to login and see your progress, upload all documents, communicate with us, and get monthly updates.

We also have a ton of Do It Yourself Options for you to do the work yourself. You can totally do it as long as you have the time and have the system in place to stay organized and consistent.

Learn more about all our DIY options HERE

Watch our DIY videos on our YOUTUBE Channel CLICK HERE

I know it was a lot too read and I appreciate you reading until the end. If you have any questions please let me know, I am here to give you my honest opinion as if I were in your shoes.

Access my calendar HERE

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