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Credit Coaching

You Could Have Good Credit

by This Time Next Year

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You won't be stuck in a financial rut forever. Although rebuilding credit takes time, you could see results within one year. Bay Area Credit Repair can help you achieve the credit score you need to enjoy a more comfortable life.

How to improve your credit score


Our knowledgeable team can analyze your financial situation and come up with a plan to improve your credit score. For instance, we can help you settle your medical debt or remove the following red flags from your credit report:

  • Collections

  • Bankruptcy

  • Charge-offs

  • Student loans

Custom Disputes Letters

We provide customized dispute letters, not the cookie cutter letters used by many others. 
We specially target each inaccurate, erroneous or negative item by factually disputing them using the law to our advantage. 

Piles of Paper

Goodwill Letters to Creditors

A goodwill letter is sent directly to a creditor or data furnisher requesting them to reverse an accurate negative reported item from your credit report. 
They are most commonly used to request a late payment being reported to be removed from your consumer credit report.

Cease & Desist Letters

A Cease and Desist letter is an official notice completed in writing to a debt collector to cease all communication with you & send everything in writing. 

Debt Validation Letters

According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S. Code § 1692g - Validation of debts, every consumer is entitled to validate his or her collection debts. 
By law consumers have the right to send a letter to creditors or collectors requesting the proof of information being reported on their consumer file. 

Debt Negotiation & Settlement

Sometimes you might choose to pay a collections account and we will help negotiate the best outcome for your situation. 
We will discuss all options and decide together what route would be best.

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Start Rebuilding Your Credit!

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