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15 years of combined experience with
business development & business operations

Since 2019, Credit Coach Nicole Scott & Team have been helping 1,000's with credit & business coaching. We have helped 100's of credit repair business owners start and grow their credit repair business. Are you looking to start your credit repair business? We specialize in coaching credit repair business owners using credit repair cloud and other proven dispute methods & training. Need help starting your business? Credit Coach Nicole Scott has the exact proven steps on how to start your business and fire your boss so you can start building wealth. 


We coach both consumers and business owners on achieving their credit & business goals. We know that tackling your goals is never easy alone, but we are here to help you every step of the way. Get help from a certified credit consultant who started with a 484 personal credit score. Credit Coach Nicole Scott comes from real life personal credit challenges & professional experience, with over 15 years of combined experience with business development & business operations. Credit Coach Nicole Scott has put together the exact proven steps located in our SHOP to walk you through the process of repairing your credit, building credit, managing credit, starting your business and so much more. We are your one stop shop for everyone looking to improve their credit, start their new business or expand their current business goals. 


Still have questions? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.


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Empowering Entrepreneurs
to be Financially Fit


Bay Area WAV Inc DBA

Our Goal is to help you achieve your goals in the fastest manner possible to have long term success.​


Empower self-employed, small business owners and entrepreneurs to make more income while working less and executing business goals. We will help business owners integrate principles of success in their organizations. Our clients will receive the benefit of knowing their strengths, gift & purpose. We encourage our clients to make a positive impact on their communities with their businesses services.

We will establish a team of entrepreneurs in various businesses who will collaborate to provide support and services to our clients. 


Lead, coach, and consult self-employed, entrepreneurs, business owners, and business leaders to achieve business growth, profits, cash flows, business automations, online presence and professional content to show the world who they are so their ideal client can get to know, like and trust them. We will help business owners make more and work less, which allows them to work on their business and not in their business so they can focus on growing and scaling.  We offer practical solutions through business coaching, group mentoring, digital products & training. 


We practice real life solutions, upfront expectations, and professionalism. We encourage our coaches and clients to involve their families in their profession, through apprenticeship and delegation.


Nicole Scott
CEO & Entrepreneur

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We pride ourselves in being:

1. Real. We want to provide you with realistic solutions.

2. Upfront. Provide solutions to overcome obstacles while helping you achieve your goals.


3. Understanding.We know success doesn't come easy or overnight and we specialize in long term success with a clear understanding along the way.


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